Swedish Society of Spinal Surgeons / 4S
Board members:
Bengt Sanden Uppsala University Hospital Chair
Svante Berg Stockholm Spine Center Vice-Chair
Hans Möller Karolinska University Hospital Secretary
Anders Olai Linköping University Hospital Treasurer
Emma Svensdotter Karolinska University Hospital Scientific Secretary
Anna Grauers Sundsvall Hospital Director
Max Tenne University Hospital Malmö Deputy
Hans Laestander Gothenburg Spinecenter Deputy

4S is a society for spinal surgeons in Sweden. The primary goal of the society is to provide high-quality spinal surgery care in Sweden. The society fosters this goal by advocating excellence in education and research in the field of spinal surgery, as well as by disseminating sound treatment guidelines rooted in evidence-based medicine.
The society is open to all orthopedists and neurosurgeons active in the field of spinal surgery who routinely practice surgery for lumbar disc herniation. The society's practitioners address all aspects of spinal surgery, including degenerative conditions (disc herniation, spinal stenosis, etc.), fractures, tumors, deformities (scoliosis, kyphosis, spondylolisthesis), rheumatoid arthritis and infections in children and adults.
The society holds annual meetings that encompass a formal meeting of the society, scientific proceedings, and discussions about educational and organizational issues. Grants are awarded to promising research projects.

The society's membership roster can be found under the members tab with information about where members work and the positions they hold.

The 4S care program for management of spinal disorders can be accessed on the website by following the link. The society approves the information on our website, though such approval is not necessarily a recommendation.
Rapid progress in spinal surgery has produced a variety of care programs, benefiting the advancement of our field.
Even specialists find it difficult to stay abreast of these rapid developments; the number of scientific meetings is far too immense for any single person, patient, clinician or researcher to fully cover.

A conference list for spinal surgery meetings is available on the website. 4S also provides a summary report of major spinal surgery conferences worldwide. Of course such reports reflect the personal choices and values of the author, and not those of the society.

The implant front has undergone extremely rapid development over the past 15 years and continues to do so. There is great need for an overview of the market and for information about new products, especially the results of biomechanical and clinical trials of new products. Our website provides links to manufacturers and distributors of spinal implants and products used in spinal surgery.


Last updated: 2016-05-02